Bern, the Digital Learner

A couple of years back, I actually enjoyed making blogs, websites of my own, even if I didn't really have followers. I just wanted to learn how to manage and design blogs. I learned quite a lot. But as with learning at school, without constant repetition, most of what I learned in blog/web designing got lost when I stopped blogging.

Now I need it back.

In our Educational Technology 2 (PED 7B) class, we were required to create our own website using a website builder of our choice. I know that I should have even the slightest advantage over my classmates, but guess what? I do not fvcking remember a thing about making my own designs. HA. HA. HA.

I'm now contemplating whether to create my own design or just go with a ready-made template and customize it. But considering the time I have left (deadline is on March 3) and the many, many things I still have to do, I guess I'm leaning more on the second.

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