Who runs this blog?

Hi there! I am Bern, the girl who runs this blog. I'm an eighteen-year-old Filipina.

Currently, I am studying BS Physics at University of the Philippines Diliman. Right now you might be thinking, "Physics??? That is fuckin' hard, dude!" Yeah, I know, and it sucks. But my love for numbers and formulas will suffice. Why did I take that course? I dream of working at NASA. I want to be an astronomer, and since there is no astronomy course in UP, I decided to take up Physics instead, since it's the closest one to astronomy.

Now, why am I into blogging?

When I was a kid, I actually wanted to be a writer. No not a writer, but a poet. I actually thought that poets are more awesome and more intelligent than mere writers; that everybody can be a writer, but not everyone can be a poet. And I still do believe in that. I, myself, am a frustrated poet-slash-writer.

Thanks to the internet, I don't have to publish a have my writings/poems on a book to be read by many. It was my high school journalism/creative writing teacher who encouraged me to create a blog. So I made this one when I was in 3rd year high school (hence, the corny URL). This blog has been on hiatus for a loooooooong time. When I decided to bring this blog to life again, I deleted my old, old posts, which are, by the way mere trash talks about my geeky high school life.

Err... well. I guess I've been talking too much already. Heh.

And, oh, I almost forgot! If, by chance, you were a grammar Nazi, please, please, do teach me correct grammar. You see, English is not my first language, and I consider this blog my training ground for communicating in English.

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