If the time travel-blackhole-whitehole-wormhole theory is true...

I think a person somehow survives being 'eaten' by a black hole won't be able to travel to the future (that is, if he's not travelling at the speed of light). I think he can only travel to the past. But it will not be the same 'past' as we have. It will be a 'past' different from ours. There might be no way for him to return to OUR 'present.' Even if he is able to travel at the speed of light in that space beneath the black hole, he can only travel to the future of THAT 'past,' not to the future of OUR 'past' (that is, our 'present'). [That space beneath the black hole will have a different 'present' than ours; we will not be present in THAT 'present.'] Thus, I think, time travel only offers a one way ticket (either to the future or to the past, but not both)--that is, if a person is able to time travel, there will be no turning back to life as he knew it.

Ang gulo. Kdot.