Curled Up

So there was a blackout in our community last night. And since it's too hot inside my room, I slept in our living room instead. What I didn't know is that my big bro was tripping on me and he took photos of me curled up on the couch.

And yeah. My hair sucks when I sleep.


Do I look like one of the boys?

I mean, seriously?

Even if I dress out very lady-like?

Fastfood cashiers and the lady from the bank yesterday always, always, call me "sir"! I freakin' hate it.

Can't they see I have boobs? Geez!

Or maybe I look like gay?

Or do I look like a monster?



I think I'm sick.

Feel like I'm going to catch a cold. Or fever maybe.
I don't really feel like moving out of my bed today. Geez.

And not just physically, maybe spiritually, too.
Lately, I feel like I'm drifting away from religiosity. Not that I don't believe in God anymore. I still do. But I just don't know the "true religion." Personally, I don't think that faith is enough to make God save you. And I don't think that merely being a "good person" will make you a saint, either. I don't know. Just when I thought I already found the perfect religion that teaches the right lessons direct from the Holy Bible, then here comes monetary demands from them. Sucks, really.

Not yet an atheist, tho. just onthe verge of being one.