Guess what?

I wanna die.

What's the best way to die?

I'll eat my heart out before going to sleep. Maybe that way, an invisible man as big and heavy as a sumo wrestler will sit on my chest disabling me to breathe.

Or maybe I'll try to drive and counter flow along Commonwealth Ave. Sure way to die, perhaps.

Or maybe I'll overdose myself with all the available drugs in our house. From dietary supplements to paracetamol to whatever.

Or maybe I'll try and stick out my fingers to the electrical socket with my hands wet.

Or maybe I'll cut my wrist with rusty blade.

Or maybe I'll drink a disinfectant.

Or maybe 

Fuck. Can't I just die? Die without even trying? Die now?



So one of my aunts sent our happy little family this wonderful stir-fry dish. Guess what this is...

(Oh sorry for the poor photo quality)
It's actually salagubang (scarab), stripped of its wings (how they did it, I know not), and stir-fried.

And, no, it's not delicious.

Maybe we'll just give it to papa's drinking buddies. Pulutan baga.

Good thing she also sent us chocolate drink and bico.

Hmmm... Yum yum!