Yesterday was the World Teachers' Day! HUGE THANKS TO ALL TEACHERS!

The almost sleepless nights planning for the event have somehow paid off. Just pure FUN FUN FUN. And the professors seemed to enjoy it too! :)

Presentation of tokens of appreciation to professors

Some professors reading the messages from the students of different divisions.
Ms. Corvera
President of the EDUCARE Intersociety which hosted the program.
Masters of ceremony
Sir Titz, Ma'am Lorie, and Ma'am Winnie
Special gift to the Magpantay family who owns La Concepcion College
Hand-drawn using colored pencil by Mr. Billy Joe Esparrago
Photo with Mr. Beatboxer

I particularly enjoyed the beatboxing of Mr. Criminology Student (wasn't able to catch his name, sorry na~). He made the event sound like a huge party. Some of the professors even danced to his beats! :)

After the event, I had another cause to celebrate. My sister-in-law had just given birth to a baby boy! I am now officially a tita hihihi~


Hello, we meet again!

So, Yaya Dub's blog got me to consider blogging again. So I visited all my blog accounts (Tumblr, WordPress, Blogspot --- what say you), deleted most of them, and decided I'll keep and try to maintain this one.

It's sooo weird that I do not know how to start blogging again. Haha~ Siguro naubusan na ako ng ideas and inspirations. But I promise, I'll try to rekindle my interest in writing.