Oh, hi!

I have just finished reading The Dragons of Eden by Dr. Carl Sagan. It was truly a wonderful experience to read this one. Sagan has just soooo many things to tell about our brain. Maybe when God (if there is one) gave intelligence to the world, Carl Sagan was the earliest bird. Or maybe it was just because of marijuana (he was once quoted of having incredible ideas while high). The New York Times is right, Sagan is THAT teacher that you always wish you had. Too bad, he's already left this world.

Now, I can concentrate on reading the following:

  • Cosmos - Carl Sagan
  • Delirium/Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver
  • The Mars trilogy - Kim Stanley Robinson
  • A Game of Thrones series - George RR Martin
  • The Four Laws That Drive the Universe - Peter Atkins
  •  ...and these books:

Aaargh! Might not be able to read 'em all this summer.

And oh! I still have to grab me a copy of Bob Ong's and Eros Atalia's (not-so-) new books. Haven't read them yet. Neither have I seen spoilers.