This book made me cry

"And why not? Why don't you just think about yourself, instead? Why would you sacrifice yourself for a country that doesn't even care about you when you can just walk away?"

 Two weeks ago, I went to  National Bookstore branch to buy BO's latest book (yeah, I haven't read that one yet). But instead, I saw this one and bought it.

And I am glad.

It's really rare for me to come across books that are so beautifully written, like this one.

Yes, the way Ms. Scy Sze had written it may sound like it is a novel from the Creative Corner of candymag.com. But the way she described every emotion Rizal and Valentina felt will either bring you bliss or break your heart. And she took me into a journey to the Calamba and Dapitan of the past, as well as the present Ateneo.

Just how did Ms. Sze conceived the plot of this book? It is so beautiful and well-researched that I actually want it to be a true story. Haha! Anyway, this book may be able to change one's view of our National Hero. Like me, I've always wondered why in the world did Rizal want to learn 20+ different languages? Why did he become the National playboy? Why did he love Ateneo more than UST? If only this novel is a true story, it would have been a plausible explanation to my why's.

I wish this book could be turned into a movie. (Knock, knock, Star Cinema? Regal Films? Indie prods?)

P.S. Rizal's photo at the back part of the book was... uuugh! WHY WASN'T I BORN IN THE 1860's??? He's fricking hoooot!!!

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