No Panty Day

No, I didn't participate today.

Though I've had my own experience of "No Panty Day." And even a "Side-B" day.

Call me gross, or whatevs, but it's true.

There was a time when I had classes from Monday to Saturday, and whole-day extra curricular on Sundays. So during that time, I almost had no wash day. I was always out from sun up to almost midnight.

Then one unfortunate day, I just ran out of panties to wear. To think that I have more than two dozens of panties! Hah! And because the night before that, I came home so late and so tired, I wasn't able to wash even one. So that day, I just slipped on my jeans, without undies.

Then there was another day I also ran out of panties. Since the panty I used the day before wasn't THAT soiled (I use panty liners kasi), I turned to Side-B, put a panty liner, and went on to class.

I even tried the Side-B thing with socks.

And so I have learned my lesson. The semester after that, I promised to myself that never again will I get classes scheduled on Monday and Saturday. And never again will I have extra curricular on Sundays. So that I will have two rest days and one wash day.


  1. whew.. hahaha.. seryoso talaga yung no panty day na yun?

    1. I also got hammered with inquiries on where the heck this idea came from. I think this idea is somewhat next to impossible because most countries have specific laws which prohibits public nudity.

      But as what we've researched, The astronomical summer (Northern Hemisphere) began Wednesday,20 June 2012, and ends Friday, 21 September 2012. So it maybe literally hot in some places which drives people to take off their clothes even their undies to feel better.

      Full explanation is located here